In need of new ideas? Interested in finding fresh perspectives, creative approaches, or unconventional solutions to problems?

Learn how to tap into your inherent creativity in order to escape groupthink or to find inspiration for your own creative expression. Drawing from the latest research on the psychology of creativity, The Power of Thinking Differently uses science, humor, and easy to follow language to provide a clear map of the creative process.

Galindo clearly explains the roots of creativity in the brain and how to overcome one’s own blockages and

“…a solid and highly recommended read for those who want to best understand how to put their mind to work.” Midwest Book Review

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We Can All Be Creative

Creativity is not just for a select few. These are skills that can be cultivated by anyone who can get a joke, says creative thinking speaker and author Javy W Galindo. Creativity is an inherent faculty of the brain—as is evident by our childhood. We simply need to remember how to use it.

The Power of Thinking Differently is a humorously enlightening book that reminds us how to do just that: access our brain’s natural creative capacities. Using fun language, it explores creative thinking through the rational lens of psychology, neuroscience, and popular creativity literature. At the same time, it exercises the imagination using analogy, fable, jokes, and puzzles.

All readers will find themselves engaged as the book looks at creative approaches found in art, science, business, everyday living, wisdom traditions, the author’s experiences, and more.

The result is an enthralling journey that illuminates a concise path to thinking differently. You will never look at pickles and doughnuts the same way again.

This easy-to-read work presents instructions, anecdotes, and the findings from many fields to bypass the self-limiting notion that creativity only falls to geniuses and artists.” Psychology professor Craig Chalquist PhD

Galindo shows us how to… touch that place of wonder and curiosity so prevalent in childhood.” Psychologist Sylvia Lafair PhD

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What Will You Learn?

  • Universal creative thinking techniques for thinking out-of-the-box and generating fresh ideas.
  • How to be more insight prone: relax, play, and have a sense of humor.
  • An adventurous 6-stage model of the creative process.
  • The keys to cultivating creativity in groups.
  • The roots of groupthink and cultural conflict.
  • The distinction betweeen right-brain and left-brain thinkers.
  • How to find creative inspiration and enhance your creative expression.
  • Ways to relieve psychological suffering.
  • Why thinking differently is a soul-enriching activity.
  • How to find creative solutions to life’s many quandaries.

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“Galindo clearly explains the roots of creativity in the brain and how to overcome one’s own blockages and obstacles.”