What They’re Saying About The Power of Thinking Differently


“This easy-to-read work presents instructions, anecdotes, and the findings from many fields to bypass the self-limiting notion that creativity only falls to geniuses and artists. Learn how to think not only more effectively, but altogether differently in service to your own spark of creativity.” -Psychology professor and author Craig Chalquist PhD


Javy Galindo shows us how to… touch that place of wonder and curiosity so prevalent in childhood. He helps us find ways to interrupt the behavior patterns that have crept upon us as we have become properly socialized…This book gives us up to date tools and understanding…” -Clinical psychologist and author Sylvia Lafair PhD


“If you want to re-shape the way you think about life and work, break out of your mental box, and unleash your creativity, The Power of Thinking Differently is a must read!” -Rob Walling, founder of the Micropreneur Academy


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There should be more books like this one. It is definitely an important topic and a worthwhile read!” -Marketing professor Michal Ann Strahilevitz PhD


“Loved this book. The author explores the psyche and tries to blows the doors open for creative inspirations. The uniqueness of this book makes this a superior read for anyone exploring and producing on a regular basis out-of-the-box ideas and changes.” -Amazon reviewer Jesse Light


“Galindo clearly explains the roots of creativity in the brain and how to overcome one’s own blockages and obstacles in order to…reach a higher state of personal satisfaction. While this book should appeal to those in business, government and science, it can equally benefit all persons who go about their lives looking to make their personal islands a bit more interesting and productive.” -Susan Reimers from


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“The Power of Thinking Differently…encourages readers to overcome the barriers to creative thinking and gain a better sense of humor, which Javy Galindo writes are keys to the creative thinking process. (It) is a solid and highly recommended read for those who want to best understand how to put their mind to work.” -Midwest Book Review


“(The book) is designed to help readers get a new perspective on just about anything…Readers should be warned to be ready for change.”-Darragh Doiron, The Port Arthur News


“Galindo lays out some positive motivation for embracing creative thought that aren’t threats to our bio-demands and that actually reassure the logic process that ‘different’ can enhance our health and safety…Instead of spelling out a hackneyed formula that’s just like other’s you’ve seen, Javy Galindo takes readers on a journey through foreign and exotic terrain…” -Deborah Adams from Curled up With a Good Book


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