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Photo of Creativity Speaker: Javy W. GalindoDiscover how Silicon Valley creativity college professor and author Javy W. Galindo M.Eng., can engage, inspire, inform, and transform your group into being more creative and innovative through The Power of Thinking Differently.

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Expert At Engaging Audiences:

  • 14 year teaching career. Javy is currently a professor at De Anza College and John F. Kennedy University teaching courses literally entitled “Creative Minds”, “Critical Thinking”, “The Psychology of Happiness” and many others.

Uses Real World Corporate Experience:

  • 10 year engineer career. Javy has been an electrical engineer for Motorola Inc., Northrup Grumman, Cisco Systems, ViaSat, and others.

Uses Real World Artistic Experience:

  • 20 years as a musician and writer. In addition to academic research into the science of creativity, Javy was a long-time performing arts instructor, having studied creative jazz singing at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, CA and improvisational comedy at the National Comedy Theatre in San Diego, CA.

Guru of Simplifying Creativity:

  • Javy can make the mysterious process of creativity easy to understand and enjoyable to learn through humor, mind-bending puzzles, games, artistic activities, video clips, thought-provoking images, and much more.

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Silicon Valley instructor and facilitator for creative thinking college courses, corporate workshops, club events, church services, public lectures, private seminars, and more.

Based on his “Creative Minds” college course, let Javy help you and your organization learn the skills and attitudes needed to be more creative and innovative.


Bechtel Leadership Symposium (4 Hr Corporate Creativity Workshop w/ 80+ attendees)

“Thank you very much for participating in our colloquium! I thought your presentation was extremely entertaining and full of ideas for us to put to use. The initial feedback I got from everyone was also very positive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if future planning teams solicit your services when the creative thinking topic comes up again. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you.” – Matt Madden, Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation

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Creative Thinking Talks, Workshops, & Course Topics

Javy can speak and facilitate workshops on various topics related to creativity, creative thinking, creative organizations, the creative brain, and the psychology of happiness.

Sample list of creativity topics & speaking fees:Creativity One-sheet.


1. Creative Thinking Workshops & Talks
All about Creativity, Innovation, and Imaginative Thinking

(Sample Talk / Workshop Description)

Cultivating Creative Groups

Rewire Brain Image


2. Psychology of Happiness Workshops and Talks 
A Creative Approach to Joy, Satisfaction, and a Meaningful Life 

(Sample Talk / Workshop Description)

Why Happiness is Hard to Find

How to Be Happy

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Creatives (1.5 Hr Private Seminar w/20+ attendees)

“Great presentation!” -Thomas Styles

“Very informative and a great speaker.” – Kat Parra

“Thanks Jay! It was an inspiring talk!” – Amir Tsuri

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Top Ten Reasons Why Javy is the Best Person to Talk About Creativity, Change, & Innovation:

1) Solid Research: Javy spent several years performing in-depth graduate research on the psychology and neuroscience of creativity, lateral thinking, and the creative process at John F. Kennedy University.

2) Engaging/Entertaining Speaker: Javy is deftly skilled at keeping an audience’s attention and in presenting information in an easy to understand way by using humor, discussion, puzzles, and visual aids.

3) Depth & Variety: Javy is one of the only creativity speakers to incorporate research from a wide away of disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, art, business, technical innovation, wisdom traditions, and popular lateral thinking (outside-the-box) literature.

4) Simplicity: As a college instructor, Javy is well versed at communicating complex psychological ideas in simple, clear, and easy to understand terms.

5) High-Tech Experience: Javy has over 10 years of experience using innovative thinking strategies in the high-tech industry as an engineer in several corporate environments including hi-tech companies like Motorola and Cisco Systems, government contractors such as Northrup Grumman, and startups (Tellus Technology Inc).

6) Lives Creatively: Javy has first hand experience in using creativity for implementing personal life changes. After a 10-year engineering career, he took a leap of faith and participated in a creative career change by returning to graduate school to study psychology and philosophy.

7) Creative Pursuits: Javy does not just talk about creativity — he embodies it. He has experience taking part in several creative endeavors including being a performing arts instructor, a long time high school music teacher, a jazz musician, a comedic improviser, and a creative writer.

8) Expert Instructor: Javy is an expert at inspiring and educating others. He has received extensive graduate training in learning theory and techniques, and has given several talks and workshops on creativity. View his introductory video.

9) Highly Praised: Javy’s work has been well received by psychologists and laymen alike, and has been called “life-changing,” “mind blowing,” and “highly original.” Read his reviews here.

10) Author: Javy is the acclaimed author of The Power of Thinking Differently (2010) and of the Amazon best seller Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails (2014). His work has been featured in various media publications including Time Magazine, The Asian Journal, Conscious Talk Radio, and Live Happy Magazine.

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Javy W. Galindo is available for fun, funny, and information packed sessions that will empower you to find unique perspectives, think more creatively, enhance your creative expression, and help you manifest positive change for yourself and/or your group. His instruction is based upon the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology, personal experience, and through an investigation of real world examples of artists, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and sociopolitical reformers. All talks and courses can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


Additional Potential Topics Include:

  • Creative thinking
  • Creative process
  • Creative approach to careers
  • Creativity and the brain
  • Psychology of creativity
  • Creativity and business
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Creativity and social and political change
  • Creativity in groups
  • Significance of creativity
  • Practicality of creativity
  • Creativity and personal growth
  • Creativity and psychological healing
  • Creativity, stress, and relaxation
  • Enhancing artistic expression
  • Creative living
  • Creative thinking techniques
  • Thinking habits, groupthink and conventional wisdom
  • Thinking “outside the box”
  • Getting beyond creative blocks
  • Thinking creatively about employment
  • Thinking creatively about cultural diversity.
  • Creativity and spirituality
  • Creativity and mythology
  • Creativity and meaning
  • Creativity and transformation
  • How to be insight prone
  • Creativity and improvisation

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What Past Attendees Are Saying…

“Engaging, empathic, clearly interested in not just sharing info, but helping people improve their lives.”

“Every minute was active and valuable.”

“This seminar really lives up to what it promises: Fun. Relax. Play while being Creative.”

“Great energy, personable.”

“Terrific presentation by a very competent instructor.”

“It brought confidence and inspiration to what and how I think about my day to day living.”

“Thank you! Your warmth and demeanor helped me relax. I came feeling inadequate and anxious.”

“Javy rocks!”